On Car DPF Cleaning in Aylesbury

DPF Forte Power Clean Machine

DPF Forte Power Clean MachineWe can Clean the DPF on your car without removal. Often This process would have to be accompanied with prior diagnostics, Flushing and changing the Engine oil and filter first and using Forte Treatments added to the Vehicles Diesel Tank.

Later Diesel cars and Vans have DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) fitted in the exhaust system and collect soot and when the cars Engine Management System collects data and the DPF becomes full, it should carry out a “regeneration” whilst you are driving along.

Much criteria needs to be correct for this to happen automatically including;

  • Engine temperature
  • Outside temperature
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Constant Speed
  • Oil quality
  • Oil Dilution
  • Engine oil Level
  • Soot content
  • No faults in the engine management system
  • No exhaust leaks
  • Outside temperature
  • Fuel Tank Level

DPF replacement is often unnecessary and expensive. and if the car or van has underlying faults as listed above, more often it will keep clogging.

This is why we always use Mobil 1 ESP (emissions special Product) or a correct oil specified for the vehicle , after flushing with Forte Engine flushes and add Treatments to the tank,

If any of the above are not correct it will not allow the vehicle to regenerate and then the DPF will clog up causing restricted power and engine management faults. If you end up with a blocked DPF then we would need to Plug in Diagnostics and read the data off your car and possibly carry out a Flush and Renewal of the Engine Oil and Filter and using Forte Additives to the Tank. In more severe cases the Ash in the DPF becomes compacted so we would use the Forte Power Exhaust Cleaning machine pictured hear with the special products.


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