We now stock Gulf Alkylate Petrol for Classic vehicles

We now stock Gulf Pro 4T Alkylate petrol which is an ecologically sound ultra pure . Odourless during combustion , clean burning , Ethanol free and a long storage life. We are trialing it in our own classics and the results are being proven already. We also stock Forte products which we have used for over 30 years and Castrol Valvemaster additive.

We have noticed more and more in the last months that classics if left even after being serviced that if left, they may not start or they misfire meaning more loss of time.

With the introduction of E5 petrol years ago we have experienced many problems with classic cars and more recently with the Lock-downs we have all experienced with Classic cars not being used as frequently and shows being cancelled. Now with the introduction of E10 the problems will be even more apparent.

E5 has ethanol in it and is slightly hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture then causing corrosion to carburettors, tanks and break down of petrol hoses. E10 is worse for classic vehicles and also burns very differently, and highly corrosive to copper and cork components. it has a very short shelf life and is even more Hygroscopic. The results are, if the vehicle is left over winter or other periods then you will experience vehicles not starting, carburettors furred up with corrosion and the petrol will separate into moisture .

To prevent this from happening you need to use an Ethanol free fuel and additives. Our Forte products are future proofed to protect up to E20

E5 and E10 are ruining our enjoyment with Classic Motoring.

Some more modern cars up to 20-25 years old even though they can run on it, reports are showing that fuel consumption has in some cases doubled.

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We now stock Gulf Alkylate Petrol for Classic vehicles »

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